Also called “God’s own Country”, Kerala is the right place to be if you love Mother Nature. Lush green jungles, beautiful waterfalls, tropical beaches, serene backwaters, and a series of beautiful hills make Kerala the perfect destination for nature lovers. The stunning surroundings of the tree houses make tree house stay in Kerala experience of a lifetime.


If you are seeking the surreal experience of living surrounded by the arms of Mother Nature, Kerala won’t let you down. A Tree House in Kerala is something we all have heard about at some point in our lives. The name may suggest a house on a tree, but the experience is different and unusual. Locally called ‘Erumadam’ in Kerala, a tree house is a small wooden cabin constructed using only eco-friendly materials. Built upon mighty trees and surrounded by lush jungles, the Tree Houses are one of the top tourist destinations in Kerala. You are definitely in for a treat if you ever spend a night in one of the Tree Houses in Kerala.


Traditionally used by the Tribal folk of Kerala, Tree Houses have now become one of the most sought-after locations for tourists to visit. Listed below are the Best Tree House Resorts in Kerala that offer both cheap and luxury tree houses for families and honeymoon. 


Explore the list of 10 top rated tree house resorts in Kerala with beautiful surroundings and best amenities. 


1. Nature Zone Jungle Resort- Munnar

Located atop one of the high hills Nature Zone Jungle Resort is one of the best Tree houses in Munnar Kerala.. Beautiful bamboo tree houses surrounded by greenery on all side is sure to fulfil the experience you seek of staying alongside Nature. The Resort overlooks hills, green valleys, tree plantations, and even lakes.

You will be taken along a Tree plantation to reach the resort atop the hill. The tents are beautiful and provide splendid scenery of the mountains, the valleys and the tea gardens along the slope. Acknowledged as the best tree house resort in Kerala Munnar this jungle resort is located in a 25-acre span and there are no other establishments near to it. Adding to the location, there are many other activities including trekking, plantation tour, nature walk, jeep safari, badminton court, organic farm, and campfire that you can enjoy during your stay.

There are also many species of birds that reside in Nature Zone Jungle Resort, so if you are into birding, you can check this place out.

Location: Nature Zone Resort, Pulippara, Pallivasal, Munnar, Kerala – 685612.

2. Jungle Jive Tree House Munnar

Located alongside Plantations of Tea, Coffee, Cardamom and Pepper is the Jungle Jive Tree House. With an area of more than 15 acres, it is one of the famous Tree House Resorts located in Munnar hills station. There are two stories tents with all amenities included, which overlook the greenery of the plantations, the adjacent hills, and the valleys. During the blooming season, the aura of the resort takes a whole other level and is just amazing.

The full area of the establishment lies under a large canopy which makes the stay over here a surreal experience. It is owned by a family who tries to make the visitors feel at home during the visit. They indulge with the visitors, cook great food for the visitors, and they share their experiences and many other things.Adding to all this, the resort offers many activities to the visitors including trekking, fishing, plantation walk, jeep safari, barbeque, campfire, and photography tour.

3. Dream Catcher Plantation Resort- Munnar

Located in Bison valley, Dream Catcher Plantation Resort is spread over an area of about 20 acres of tea, cardamom and orange plantations.  It is one of the largest tree houses in Munnar region in Kerala state. There are four tree houses in the entire resort, which are self-contained and offer full privacy. The panoramic view of the greenery, the trees, and the plantations from the tree house is just breathtaking.

This resort is perfect for honeymoon couples who are looking for privacy as well as a surreal experience with nature. The Tree Houses are fully equipped with all the modern amenities, and the multi-cuisine restaurant of the resort is a treat.

The resort also houses an Ayurvedic Massage & Spa center where the visitors can find some relaxing time.  Above all, activities such as plantation tour, bird watching, campfire, barbeque, and nature walk are also available at the resort.

Location: Ratnagiri, Tea Company, Bison Valley Road, Munnar, Kerala – 685565.

4. Kaivalyam Wellness Retreat – Munnar


Surrounded by spice gardens, Kaivalyam Retreat Tree House is a unique location. This Tree house in Munnar Kerala is well known for offering a holistic lifestyle to the visitors by indulging them in yoga and an organic way of living & dining.

This spice plantation covers more than an area of  11 acres.  The Tree Houses are surrounded by tall trees and rose gardens. The rooms are well equipped with all the modern amenities, and the panoramic view they offer is just amazing. You can look over the mountains, the spice gardens and the valleys from the balcony of the rooms.

The food is 100% organic and vegetarian. There are many activities, including yoga, campfire, farmyard experience, plantation tour, nature photography, and bird watching. As the name suggests, the resort is truly a retreat to Nature.


Location: Kaivalyam Wellness Retreat, Moolakada, Pallivasal, Munnar, Kerala – 685612.


5. Ela Ecoland Nature Retreat

If you want to truly experience the real feel of living in Nature’s arm outside of all technology, Ela Ecoland Nature Retreat is the place to be. Located in the lush green jungle and high hill slopes of Munnar, it is regarded as one of the best Tree Houses in Kerala

First of all, the slopes are high, and there are many steps needed to be climbed. Secondly, network reception is only available for BSNL. Thirdly, Wi-Fi is only limited to the front desk and is not available in any rooms. Fourthly, there is no television available in the tree house. So, Ela Ecoland Nature Retreat is sure to offer you an experience with Nature away from all the technology.

Being located in deep and dense woods, the view all around the resort is spectacular. Also, if you visit during the right time, you will be able to see a water pathway flowing alongside the establishment. Adding to this, the local Kerala cuisine prepared in the resort is also amazing.


Location: Ela Ecoland Nature Retreat, Vattiyar PO, Kallar, Munnar, Kerala – 685611.

6. Vanya Tree House Munnar

If you are looking to get very far away from the hassle of city life, Vanya Tree house is the place to be in Kerala. It is located in the misty evergreen forest south of Munnar. The Vanya Tree House is enveloped by dense jungles along the slopes of a hill.

The establishment is totally green, and even the electricity used here is either solar-powered or wind-powered. As it is located along the slope of a hill, the view from the Tree House is spectacular. Looking over the misty mountains alongside your loved ones while relaxing is an experience you will never forget.

Apart from natural beauty, there are many activities that you can experience including forest edge walking, meditation, bird watching, solar plant visit, Ranthal light dinner in the dark forest, campfire, night trekking, bison sighting, and stargazing.

Location: NH 220, Munnar – Kumily Highway, Kumily, Thekkady, Kerala – 685509..


7. Green Magic Resort

tree-houses -in -wayanad

Located in the heart of the evergreen forest of Kerala, Green Magic is one of the tallest Jungle Tree Houses in Asia. The Tree Houses rest at about 70 to 115 feet above the ground. The experience of dwelling so high atop magnificent trees is worth it.  The resort spans across an area of 30 acres of plantation and comprises three different tree houses. Undoubtedly it is one of the top rated Tree House in Wayanad Kerala.

The location of the resort is rich with flora & fauna, and the view from the tree house is fantastic. Any urban township is quite far away from the resort, and the location has almost zero pollution, so it offers a real sense of being with Nature. One of the unique things that you will notice here is the elevator made out of cane and operated by a counter-weight of water.

The rooms are comfortable and have all the necessary amenities. Being located in a spice plantation means during the bloom season, the aroma of the surrounding is exotic. There are also several activities available for the visitors including wildlife night safari, campfire, archery, trekking expeditions, rope climbing, and water rappelling.

Location: Lakkidi, Wayanad District, Vythiri, Kerala – 673576.

8. Tranquil Resort

Located in a coffee plantation spread over 300 acres is the Tranquil Resort in Wayanad. There are two tree houses Serenetree Tree Villa and Tranquilitree Tree House. Both of them are very comfortable and offer all the requirements and amenities, including Satellite connection, TV, DVD, fridge, etc.

Both the Tree Houses look over vast coffee plantations along hill slopes. The panoramic view is excellent. Adding to that, during the bloom season of coffee, the aroma around the resort is mesmerizing. One other plus point of staying here is that many attractions in Wayanad including the Heritage Museum and Edakkal caves are close.

Other facilities include a swimming pool with kids section, Ayurvedic Spa treatment, and common dining room, bird watching with 127 species, tranquil walks and plantation tour.


Location: Kuppamudi Estate, District Wayanad, Kolagapara, Kerala – 673591.

9. Vythiri Resort

Vythiri Resort  in Kerala is one of the most popular Tree Houses in Wayanad Kerala. Located deep inside the evergreen rain forest of Kerala, you are sure to feel the experience of dwelling in the lap of nature in Vythiri Resort Tree House. Along the Tree Houses in the resort, runs a mountain stream which has gushing water during the rainy season. This Resort is sure to provide you with deep isolation from your daily city life.

To reach the tree house, you have to travel in a jeep through the dense woods up a twisty route. The tree houses are set about 50 to 60 feet above the ground in the lush canopy of the forests. To reach the tree house, there is a unique elevator system which uses water as a counter-weight.

Everything in this Tree House is green. The water is sourced from the stream that runs along, and the electricity is solar-generated. There are no amenities like Wi-Fi or TV in the rooms to ensure that visitors get a real taste of living away from their daily lives. From the Tree House, the views are amazing. You can glance upon the misty forest, the stream, and natural spring water.

There are many activities on offer including yoga, meditation, trekking trails, nature walk, cycling trails, culinary demonstration, swimming pool, and others. You can also encounter the local tribes of Wayanad and witness their way of living.


Location: Lakkidi P.O, Wayanad, Kerala – 673576.

10. Hiliya Resort

Set upon the bank of a stream in a mixed farm plantation is the Hiliya Resort Tree House in Wayanad. Located in lush green forest, Hiliya Resort is surrounded by acres of spice, coffee, and rubber plantations. So, if you want to experience the essence of organic farming and cultivation of spices and coffee, this is the best place to be.

The tree house is built above 40 feet from the ground on a mango tree. During the night, you can hear the soothing sound of many insects that live in the eco-system developed by Hiliya Resort. As mentioned earlier, the resort is set along a stream which means that you can sit beside the stream and enjoy the sound of water.

During your stay, you can indulge in activities like coffee plucking, rubber tapping, jungle trekking, pruning, fishing, and others. Also, upon request, you can be a part of the tribal dance of the tribal folk living nearby.

Location: Kenichira P.O, Near Sulthan Bathery, Wayanad, Kerala – 673596.



Coming to an end, it is worth saying that Kerala is a place of magnificent natural beauty. There are many places in Kerala that one can visit and experience the feeling of dwelling in the lap of Mother Nature. You can choose any house on the tree in Kerala
(Treehouse is known as “Erumadam,” in local language) but one thing is for sure that you will not regret staying in a tree house. So book your tree house package in Kerala according to your budget and enjoy the true essence of the house on tree experience in Kerala. Send your enquiry for Tree House Packages and get the best deals on Tree House Resort Packages in Munnar & Wayanad Kerala.

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